With all my glory fallen to dust, I hear Your whisperings – through years of wasted time and grief, it is then You come to see, if it's true love that comes from me – it has been such a long, such a long, long time of need, but just for me - when all the while Your heart is longing, "who is there to wash my feet?"

It's on this rock that I have fallen, to pour out my love on Your heart forgotten – when all You ask and all You seek is to know Your children, we have turned away, well we turn away no more -
There's a silence that fills all of heaven as the angels marvel at the sight, of the perfect lover, waiting almost breathless, for reunion with His bride – but there's something we've forgotten in all our carefully laid plans, that we were formed in perfection to seek His face and not His hands – so tear me, crush me, break me Lord – the cost I'll gladly pay, cause I must be the one to pour the oil and see it running down your face – Pour over You, over You, All over You, over You, over You – Anoint the King



(Written by Paul Lafrance) (Artwork by Heather Sinnott)


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