In the glory of the Son, I am broken, I'm undone - Come and meet me, come reside, I am waiting open wide, I'm open wide. It's crazy love, it's crazy love - I cannot fathom, I cannot see, the depths of your love pouring over me, it's pouring on me now - In your eyes, I'm blameless, In your eyes, I'm righteous though I find, that I'm anything but pure, You call me yours - Your love is like a forest fire, consuming all I am in light, and it's burning, burning inside of me, the Lion roars, the darkness flees - Your love is backwards and upside down, I crowned your head, I nailed you down, and still you come to me again and hold me in your crazy, crazy - it's crazy love. It's crazy love - Your looking at me now – Your looking, looking at me - And your eyes meet mine...... and I will never be the same.


(Written by Paul Lafrance and Joshua Fletcher) (Artwork by Heather Sinnott)


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